Four pillars of enduring weight loss

Four pillars of enduring weight loss

Four pillars of enduring weight loss

A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a fit body go a long way in determining an individual’s present and future health quotient. In today’s hectic existence, it is extremely difficult for one to achieve one or all of these goals without the aid of extreme self discipline, a virtue most of us lack. The consequences are obvious. An increasing drift towards fast-unhealthy food, obesity, a not-so-happening appearance and associated social stigma. It is but natural that one is inclined towards quick aids like miracle diets, expensive alternatives to weight loss workouts and impossible-to-attain health goals.

Amazingly though, the answer to how one can lose weight without resorting to means of unnatural weight loss, has always been straightforward. Most of us ignore the simple fact that the simpler and enjoyable a program is, the better are its chances of success. A simple weight loss plan that includes enjoyable cardio workouts, pleasant calisthenics coupled with a feasible diet plan and positive attitude can help achieve not just a great body but also a very happier lifestyle.

Here are the four pillars on which you can attain weight loss for life:


Every one of us has a different lifestyle, demanding different treatment procedures for weight loss. Not every man (or woman) following a particular health plan will have similar results. The outcome varies as per one’s physical constitution (Body Mass Index; Basal Metabolic Rate). Some people need to lose weight, whereas others need to maintain it and remain fit. Cardio training aids in burning calories while burning fat requires strength training exercises and weight lifting workouts.

Hence, weight loss programs have to be customized after a fair study of the individual lifestyle, fitness levels and dietary habits.


Starting with the what, when and how of one’s eating habits, a record must be prepared to include everything that goes into setting a realistic weight loss goal. The key is to keep it as simple as possible.

The list could contain finite essentials like:

- Exercising during early hours of the day

- Cutting down on oily, fatty, preserved foods; excessive salt or sugar

- Avoiding calorie-heavy meals during late hours

- Adding lot of fresh, green, high-protein, fibrous food and plenty of water to one’s diet

- Recording progress with time


Simply planning and not being strict enough to follow the schedule does not make any difference to a lifestyle that requires transformation. Self-discipline is necessary for the success of any weight loss plan.

Hence, maximum care must be taken during setting up the routine for weight loss. It is important to incorporate contingencies and the means to overcome them without deviating from the agenda. Books, articles and weight loss guides can help to a certain extent. A fitness specialist or expert can help with the much required guidance and motivation whenever required.


Weight is easier to lose than maintain. Today, there are several weight loss workouts, which have successfully worked for men and women alike. But, the best weight loss workout results have also failed due to lack of persistence.

To conclude, well-being goals can be achieved and sustained only when one enjoys the process and keeps it simple. A helping hand- be it for the right nutrition, right exercise or for both can go a long way in determining continued success.