A new finding suggests that men

A new finding suggests that men

A new finding suggests that men with prostate cancer can reduced the death risk of the illness with the help of by active exercising for a minimum of three hours a week. Researchers from the University of California-San Francisco and at Harvard School of Public Health scrutinized the medical data and records of more than [...]

Eindhoven University of Technology’s researchers have been developing method of using ultrasound to more successfully target prostate cancer tumors. According to the statistics of the American Cancer Society, in this year alone, there are some 217,730 men in the Unites States have been identified with prostate cancer and 32,050 of those figure were already died [...]

Experts linked the length of the men’s index finger to the risk of prostate cancer. The new study reported by researchers in the British Journal of Cancer suggested that the potential of men to acquired prostate cancer depends on their finger pattern. Based on their findings, men who have longer middle fingers were 33 percent [...]

Researchers said that the recurrence of prostate cancer is hard to diagnose these days. Researchers had revealed that it might not be crucial to consider predicting the about prostate cancer return. Although there are those who believe that, the stage of the cancer will ascertain the type of treatment. Ever year, approximately 186,000 American males [...]

Exelixis’ XL184 drug showed promising anti-tumor activity in the treatment of ovarian and prostate cancers. Although the tests are still going on, the initial test results indicated tumor-killing potential of the drug. The researchers can see the potential of this medication against ovarian and prostate cancer. The drug is now in its phase II randomized [...]

The male reproductive system is composed of a small gland known as the prostate gland. It is located around the urethra, which is brings out the urine out of the human body. The causes of prostate cancer are not yet determine today; however, some researchers proved that there is actually a connection between the prostate [...]

The prostate cancer occurs when the cancer develops in the prostate gland in the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer research shows that the prostate cancer survival rate of patients improves when the sufferer been diagnose early. This early diagnosis helps them to know the proper things to do in order to fight against the effect [...]

Yearly, there are 35,000 men who are affected by Prostate cancer, and great numbers of it are older men. Even though signs of having a prostate cancer are not easy to distinguish, there are thing that you should look out for. In this article, three possible prostate cancer symptoms will be discussed. From the 35,000 [...]

The early diagnosis of prostate cancer is hard to know because it can mimic the same symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). As a matter of fact, BPH often exhibits more symptoms than prostate cancer and is very common in men as they aged. In addition, many men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer may [...]

Prostate cancer is considered as the second largest cause of death among men next to lung cancer. The problem with prostate cancer is it cannot be diagnosed in an earlier stage. Symptoms of prostate cancer often show up when the disease is already in the late stages. Prostate cancer will be very hard to cure [...]