Pregnancy and Child Health

Pregnancy and Child Health

Breast-feeding especially in their first couple of weeks of birth is the best thing a young mother can do for her baby. . Baby nursing will help the baby get the immunities that mom has in her. The immunities that mother has in her body will be transferred through the breast milk into the baby. A new mother that has their first baby should eat and drink many healthy foods. Healthy foods include lean meats and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are very good when mother is nursing the baby. Everything that a mother eats the baby will get when mom is nursing the baby. Therefore, if mom eats spicy or garlic laced foods the baby’s breast milk may have that flavor in it. Eating right will help the baby and mother to receive nutrients that you both need. Mothers that eat a diet of lean meats such as chicken, pork, and fish are much better than mothers that eat pizza, burgers, and tacos. These foods taste good to the mother, yes, but they are not very good in the milk and may cause the baby to detach from the breast.

Mothers should avoid things such as garlic, spicy foods, greasy foods, and caffeine. These things can affect the taste of baby’s milk and can cause the baby to refuse to nurse. Caffeine is bad when nursing because everything that mother eats or drinks can go straight to the baby through the milk. It is a bad idea to drink a lot of alcohol or smoke while nursing. Nursing mothers should also watch the medications that she ingests while nursing. Anything that mom eats or drinks, the baby will also eat and drink. Milk is very important while nursing. Regular baby care checkups are important. The doctor will schedule these.

Milk is very important when nursing the baby. Mothers need to drink at a minimum of three glasses of milk or calcium enriched foods while feeding baby. These foods can help the milk develop but also will help mom when nursing. The baby will use many of the calories that mom eats or drinks. Doctors that are familiar with breast-feeding will tell you while pregnant that you need to gain a certain amount of weight and eat a healthy diet. This is because the baby is taking some of the nutrition while you are pregnant and while the baby is developing. After birth of the baby, if the mom is breastfeeding, mom should continue to eat healthy and avoid certain foods to keep herself and baby healthy.

While breast-feeding mom should make sure that, she bathes daily. Cleanse breast area of all lotions, creams, ointments so that baby does not consume when nursing. New moms may ask what to do about bathing baby and what to put on baby after they have a bath. The best thing to do for baby is keep baby clean. Babies will urinate often while small. Baby should be thoroughly cleaned and dried daily. If new moms will give the baby a warm bath before bed, the baby will be more relaxed and could sleep longer. Make sure that the water is warm when tested on the inside of your wrist. Baby’s water should never be hot or cold. It is true when making the babies bottles. You can test the bottle on the wrist of your arm. You should not be able to feel the milk when it hits your arm. This temperature is best for baby digestion when they are new babies.

Every mom loves for baby to smell like a baby. We love to apply things such as baby oils and lotions. Avoid this when first born. Cleanse baby and dressing nice will be the same and there is nothing like the natural smell of a newborn baby. Regular baby wellness check ups are important to make sure baby is developing and healthy.

You want what is best for your baby, so staying healthy is especially important while you are pregnant. Eating nutrient rich foods such as nuts, edamame, broccoli, carrots, whole grains, yogurt, spinach, eggs, and avacados can be a great way to get necessary nutrients in just a few bites when you are in your first trimester and unable to eat a full meal. These foods are also great for baby’s development throughout your entire pregnancy. Since you are more susceptible to dehydration while you are pregnant, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You should also take a prenatal supplement daily, even if you are eating well balanced meals. Your obstetrician can provide a prescription supplement or recommend that you get an over-the-counter prenatal supplement.

While you are pregnant there are some foods that should be limited or avoided. You should avoid seafood that is high in mercury, such as swordfish, king mackerel, and shark, as too much can damage the baby’s nervous system. Tuna can be eaten, but should be limited to one can a week. Fishes such as shrimp, salmon, cod, and tilapia are safe to eat as long as they are thoroughly cooked. You should avoid any undercooked seafood, meat, poultry and eggs since they may contain harmful bacteria that could cause foodborne illness. You should avoid eating cold deli meat and soft cheeses such as blue cheese, brie, and feta and they can also cause foodborne illness.

In addition to avoiding certain foods, there are some drinks that should be avoided or limited. Since there is limited data on the effects of herbs on a developing baby, it is recommended that you avoid all herbal teas, including ones marketed specifically to pregnant women. Caffeine intake should be limited since caffeine can cross through the placenta and affect the baby’s heart rate. It is recommended that caffeine intake not exceed 200 milligrams a day, or approximately 2 8-ounce cups of coffee or 6 caffeinated soft drinks. It is also recommended that alcohol be avoided during pregancy. While one drink isn’t likely to hurt the baby, no level of alcohol has been proven safe during pregnancy. Excessive alcohol can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which can lead to facial deformities, low birth weight, heart problems, and mental retardation.

During pregnancy, there are also certain activities that should be avoided. These include: smoking, cleaning a cat litter box, cleaning the oven, using an electric blanket, and sitting in a hot tub. All of these can cause damage to a developing baby.

Exercising is beneficial for you and the baby and should be continued throughout pregnancy. Most low-impact activities are safe to continue throughout your entire pregnancy. After your first trimester it is not recommened that you run, bicycle or participate in high-impact aerobics as your center of gravity has shifted and you are more likely to get injured. As long as your pregnancy is progressing normally, you can continue to have sex as often as desired.