Great news and tips for proper exercise.

Great news and tips for proper exercise.

We get asked this question a lot, “What are Pilates Exercises?” Well, quite simple, they are exercises done with light exercise equipment such as a mat, ball, magic circle and stretch bands, just to name a few. Pilates exercises are great when you are healing, and help rebuild damaged muscle tissues and even to lose [...]

When dealing with weight loss, it’s important to understand that each individual is unique. Because of this, so are their methods of losing weight and weight loss exercises. We can’t accurately give you advice on what is best for your specific needs and goals, but we can give you some input on general weight loss [...]

Stretching is a way for your body to loosen up for a workout, or to even simply relax. Your muscles can become tight if not properly stretches, and can actually do damage if you exert too much force without loosening them up. Stretching exercises is an important aspect when considering your overall health, and as [...]

Exercising benefits everyone – no matter who you are. Your body has been designed to move and work, that is what we’ve been doing since our early days of caveman ancestry. But, with the advancement of technology, some of us have become literal couch potatoes – siting in chairs all day, every day. That’s bad, [...]

There are a ton of home exercise equipment machines out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? Quite simply, it depends. Do you have a room big enough for a machine, or do you just want some simple dumb-bells and a yoga mat? IT really falls under what you want [...]

Welcome, visitor! We’ve just set up our new website, and our hopes are to spread good, wholesome information based on proper diet health and exceptional exercise techniques to help improve your active (or currently inactive) lifestyle. We hope the information we present to you is worthwhile, though we are not experts in the field we [...]